Zoella – Splash Botanics!

Hello Hello Hello! If you're not already aware, the love I have for Zoella is unreal. A female who started an amazing career and life journey we are all blessed to share with her through a camera, in her bedroom. Zoella, is a great example of female empowerment to so many young girls out their... Continue Reading →

Boots Seventeen Makeup Haul!

Hello, loves! So, for my first ever blog, I did a review on the Seventeen stay time foundation, if you'd like to see that review click here. As some of you may already be aware Seventeen is a makeup brand being discontinued in Boots. Due to the discontinuing most of their products are on sale... Continue Reading →

Seventeen isn’t just a number!

I usually find myself keeping up to date on makeup brands throughout the drugstore community. However, I found myself unaware and seemed to have escaped the knowledge of ' Boots - Seventeen' range until it was in fact being discontinued. At the beginning of this week a makeup group on Facebook shared a link to... Continue Reading →

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